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Lady Titie’s new lover proposes to her on stage, leaves Katongole cursing! [Photo]



Radio and Television personality Titie Tabel is apparently on cloud nine after being proposed to by her new lover over the weekend.

Lady Titie has for the past few weeks been seen making rounds with a one Serunjoji who reportedly is a top notch business man and over the weekend during her “Tebyansala” launch at Theatre La Bonita, Serunjoji knelt down on stage and proposed to Titie as the crowd went wild.

Lady Titie's new lover proposes to her

While Titie was saying yes to the proposal, her former husband and Radio presenter, Denis Katongole Omutongole who was part of the audience, was seen holding back emotions and cursing the new man who snatched his wife away.

But curses have never killed one, Titie and her new man never stopped enjoying the evening as Katongole looked on in dismay.

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