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Meet Kim Swagga, the guy who dresses celebrities around town



Kim Swagga

By Gloria Haguma

Having to make wardrobe choices for some of the biggest music shots in this town, is not as effortless as it sounds. So, we caught up with the man behind the final look you get of   artistes like Chameleone in public, and got to know what his own wardrobe choices are like.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is beauty, love and art.

Tell us something we don’t know about your wardrobe?

Most people may think since I am a fashion stylist, my wardrobe is like a Zara store. It’s not! I have a simple wardrobe that I don’t change in a longtime but I know how to put it together.

What is your most prized fashion item, and for how long have you had it?

I treasure a pair of my TED BAKER toe shoes. I have had them for three years.

What are some of your fashion No-No’s?

I am very versatile when it comes to fashion, but I can never try out anything that will ruin my moral dignity.

Kim Swagga 1How much effort do you put in choosing your outfit?

I don’t put that much of an effort, because I always have an idea of which outfit suits me as Kim Swagga.

Who is your style crush?

There are so many style crushes I have, but my longtime crush has always been actor JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT.

What is your style secret?

Simplicity is magic in fashion, always keep it simple.

What are some of the irritating fashion blunders you notice with Kampala women?

They always want to wear the same outfits the exact way they saw it on  someone else, and  yet they cannot come off looking the same even if it’s the same outfit. Our bodies are different!

As a stylist, is it easier working with the men or the women?

It’s easy for me to work with both, equal challenges.

Which celebrity’s wardrobe would you wish to get your styling skills on, and give a total revamp?

FILLE: She is a full package of a diva. She’s talented and beautiful but she’s not so fashion forward. So if I had a touch on her, trust me, she won’t regret it.

Your emergency outfit?

It’s always a pair of black pants and a t-shirt.

Kim Swagga 2With the ever changing trends in fashion, how easy is it for your wardrobe to catch up, with this?

Like I said, am versatile in fashion so am always ready to catch the trend or even set it.

Any fashion tips you would like to share?

The world is your runway, so always dress to kill.

Mohawk vs. clean shave. Your pick?

Clean shave.

Any fashion regret or blunder you have had before?

There was this time I went out with the boys and 3 of us had the same jackets that we all bought online. Disastrous I tell you!


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