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Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi takes Zari home, introduces her to his family.



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By Stuart G-khast

Kenyan celebrated comedian Eric Omondi last weekend did not only surprise us but also his family when he took Zari to his home and introduced her to his family.

The comedian was over the weekend attending the Art of luxury party organized by Zari and her Kenyan socialite counterpart Huddah at Skyluxx lounge in Nairobi. Omondi was all over Zari throughout the party and also begged for some snaps with her to just in case anyone doubts he did not party with the Ugandan socialite.

We were shocked to learn that Omondi further took Zari to his home and introduced her to his family as a very good friend. A jolly Omondi still took a few pictures while with Zari at his home.

Eric Omondi is a famous Kenyan comedian who is reportedly dating and even has a kid in his current relationship.

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