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KCCA To Restrain LED Screen Adverts.



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Jennifer Musisi

By Isaac Mites

Following the amplified uncountable number of accidents especially on road junctions in Kampala, KCCA with exciting measures to succumb the situation has resorted to eliminate all LED adverts on all road junctions.

Today, one of the contributing sectors to taxes in Uganda is the advertisement. This has attracted several investors in the industry both from Uganda and abroad. The common advertisements have been the use of billboards among others placed on several junctions around town. And people who never run out of ideas had introduced LED screens to entice the idea. These screens can put a number of adverts which the billboard barely does. And thus people who are caught up on the traffic lights usually have a chance to get familiar with new products and promotions on the market.

On Monday 26th of September 2013, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority, Jennifer Musisi briefed the press at City Hall in Kampala warning all advertising companies to pull off the screens that they have contributed to severe accidents in Kampala. She insisted that the screens always attract the driver’s attention hence leading to the accidents.

She however, advised the landlord of big buildings to set up big billboard to advertise on to maximize space and avoid congestion in the city. Enforcements have already been in place to carry on the exercise for the big headed landlords. She made these awful remarks to the advertising agents in a meeting with the press at City hall Kampala.

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