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Kabako finally gives up on ‘Busabala land row’



By BigEyeUg Team

The four-months land dispute in Busabala between singer Yusuf Ssenabulya alias Roden Y Kabako and a one Hajjati could now cease.

This is after the Team No Sleep singer deciding to give on the land and now focus on purchasing another.

According to Kabako, its not good to insist on just one piece of land causing continuous scuffles and dangerous life threats.

Kabako says that he is still young and confident to work for bigger property than that mere piece of land unlike Hajjati who is now old.

He further reveals how the land has caused his friends and engineer to be jailed over baseless cases.

Am still a young man. I can still work for more. Coz I see Hajjati is too old and she has insisted on my land. I have lost enough from this saga. My friends and engineers have been arrested,” Roden Y Kabako said live on TV.

The ‘Kabako Vs Hajjati’ land wrangle kicked off in June this year after Hajjati ordered the demolition of the plantations that Kabako had put on his plot of land.

The “Sabisubila” singer with a tough company of his wife Dumuna showed up at the scene and fought to win back their property from hands of land grabbers, which fortunately they did.

However, weeks later the land grabbers stuck again as they tore-down Kabako’s fence put up on the land.

As if this wasn’t enough, they also went ahead and destroyed his construction in the land, hence prompting Kabako’s decision to peacefully quit the land dispute.

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