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Jackie Chandiru shares her first rehab admission tale



By BigEyeUg Team

Ugandan vocal queen Jackie Chandiru has opened up on her first experience in a rebabilitation center.

Jackie Chandiru has had an unstable music career for years now due to a sorry health condition sparked by drug addiction.

Appearing on a local TV station on Friday after almost two years, the “Gold Digger” singer revealed the unbearable discomfort she faced when taken to rehab.

Jackie also narrates how she managed to escape from rehab and immediately her family commenced a search for her.

I did not like rehab when I was taken there. My life had drastically changed from the comfort of my home to this place. When I was being taken I insulted everyone. I even escaped and there was a search for me,” Jackie Chandiru said on NTV Mwasuze Mutya show.

Jackie Chandiru’s drug addiction life:

Prior to her public reappearance in 2020, Jackie had been taken out of the country to an unknown destination for key medication on drug abuse.

Jackie is recalled in 2016 to have been reported on death bed after being hit hard by an acute illness.

This followed a bizarre scenario where she allegedly passed out at her home in Bukasa.

She was then admitted at Mulago Hospital where laboratory tests revealed drug abuse that she was administering a pain killer named, Pethidine through intra-venous (injection) route.

Samples of the drugs and syringes were discovered at her home and several needle marks along her arms and hands confirmed the findings of the medics.

She was then admitted to Bunamwaya rehab, which she successfully completed was discharged.

However, her worrying health didn’t cease like it was expected as she was later flown out of Uganda for an advanced medical attention.

After almost 5years, she showed up again, recovered to some extent and ready to restart her music career.

Unfortunately, Jackie lost her way again as she was reported to have resumed drug abuse, hence her family relocating her to Nairobi, Kenya.

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