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It’s Officially Over, Sheebah Launches Own Music Label



By Staff Writer

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On 2nd February, Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa were involved in what could be their parting meeting. The meeting had been called by Kiwa to try and stop Sheebah from unveiling her own record label.

We have learned that the meeting ended without any resolution. Sheebah simply kept humming to Jeff’s requests and woke up on Monday with news of her own record label aka Sheebah Establishment.

We can now confirm that the industry is headed for one of the biggest legal battles in history. Given that all Sheebah’s music is owned by TNS, Sheebah will have to seek permission from TNS before she can sing any of her old songs.

Sheebah on the other hand insists that as the singer, she owns these songs. But ownership rights and agreements witnessed by the BigEye.ug team say otherwise.

We’ve also learned that there is a clause where Jeff copyrighted the Sheebah name as a property of TNS. Therefore, Sheebah may have to get a new stage name.

Anyway, for now, it is Sheebah Establishment…

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