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Interview: Sheraton Kampala Hotel General Manager speaks out on life after lockdown, their wedding offers and more



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Sheraton Kampala Hotel General Manager, Jean-Philippe Bittencourt

Sheraton Kampala Hotel General Manager, Jean-Philippe Bittencourt

By Our Reporter

Sheraton Kampala Hotel will be one of the participants in the Bride and Groom Expo. We had an opportunity to chat with the Hotel’s General Manager, Mr. Jean-Philippe Bitterncourt and he highlighted what we should expect from their participation in the expo this year and how the hotel is fairing now that the economy is open.

1) Hello, and how is the hotel faring ever since the Economy was fully reopened?

Since the economy reopened we can see that business is picking up which is very encouraging. This is reflected in events, mainly, and now that bookings for rooms are following suit, we are very enthusiastic about the remaining part of the year. Though we are still following the SOPs.

2) A lot of wedding memories have been made at the Sheraton over the years. How do you manage to maintain that longevity?

Sheraton is one of these places where people have created great memories and that passes from one generation to another. Some parents are coming back to celebrate their 25th or 50th Wedding Anniversary and they are also bringing their sons and daughters to get married here. So it is an emotional bond and attachment to the hotel and its facilities that has created these special memories for such important events in people’s lives. It’s what brings them back and draws new people in.

3) Is this the first time Sheraton is participating in the Bride and Groom Expo?

This is not the first time that Sheraton Kampala Hotel has participated, but we are really always very excited that we are part of it, more so than ever after its prolonged absence. We would like to appreciate the organisers of the Bride and Groom Expo for bringing back this event after 2 years of Pandemic. As Sheraton Kampala Hotel, We are ready to make sure that people retrieve these old memories and we will strive to provide them with new experiences that strike that balance between the new and the familiar that Sheraton Kampala has perfected.

4) What are you doing differently from the previous Expos in which you’ve participated? What should the public expect?

From 29th-30th of July, Sheraton Kampala Hotel will be present at the Bride and Groom Expo 2022, with some new surprises/ offers. The whole ambiance for wedding events, beautiful decorated cakes – as you know our cakes are so famous all over Uganda – and all the other exquisite wedding-details you would expect from such an expo. Expect, but anticipate your expectations to be exceeded. I am sure many people will be attracted to book wedding cakes with us.

5) Does Sheraton by Marriott have any exciting packages that prospective brides and grooms should be on the lookout for?

Sheraton Kampala has traditionally what we call the Romance/Getaway Package. The perfect kind of package for whoever is getting married here. Sheraton is part of the Married Bonvoy program. One can accumulate points and for the one booking the wedding events, you can also accumulate points on the wedding packages, which gives you an advantage of spending the points by staying in different Marriott Hotels all over the world.

6) Tell us more about the Expo. Is it invite-only or open to the public?

The Bride and Groom Expo is open to everyone and I encourage the public to come and support us. Pass by the Sheraton Kampala Hotel tent and check out the different offers we have for you.

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