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Important Uganda News For The Week



By Staff Writer

The Republic of Uganda is home to more than 42 million residents. Many years ago, the country was ruled by the United Kingdom. However, it gained its independence from the United Kingdom in October 1962. In Uganda, it is common for residents to speak English and Swahili. Current president Museveni took power in early 1986 after a lengthy guerrilla war. The country is home to many interesting individuals, including Ali Fadhul, Aziz Azion, and Angelina Atyam. Readers will learn about the most important news stories from Uganda this week.

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Nearly A Catastrophe At Entebbe Airport

A RwandAir flight nearly caused a catastrophic accident at the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. The accident happened on April 20, 2022, around 5:30 AM. At the time, the plane was carrying roughly 60 people. It skidded off the runway while trying to land at the airport. It is believed that the plane from Nairobi overran the runway as it was landing. While it was frightening for the passengers and crew, everyone was okay in the end. There were no injuries. While the crew worked to remove the plane from the strip, the airport was using the alternate runway for small, light aircraft.

Today, the accident is being blamed on poor markings and poor visibility. In January 2019, another plane skidded off the runway at the airport while carrying 139 people.

New Oil Project

A French oil company is preparing for a new oil project in Uganda. TotalEnergies has strived to create a good reputation for itself. It has done this by setting climate goals and creating green projects. For instance, it has recently announced several renewable projects. Nevertheless, the company’s upcoming oil project in east Africa has cast a shadow over its green campaign. The company has announced that it would begin drilling for oil in a biodiverse national park in Uganda. It will build a 900-mile pipeline called the East African Crude Oil Pipeline.

The pipeline will carry oil to the Tanzania port so it can be exported to other countries. Many are upset because burning the oil will release 34m metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. Scientists argue that the world needs to produce and release less carbon dioxide. Although many are worried about the impact on the climate, the project could be good for Uganda and its people.

Ugandan Man Sees First Child At 83

83-year-old Yosia Mwesigye has finally had his first child. The baby comes after the passing of his 79-year-old wife who was unable to give him children. The man waited for nearly 60 years without being able to have children in his previous marriage. Uganda society tends to place significant value on raising children. Yosia admits he has no regrets that his wife was unable to bear a child with him. When he was 23, the man married Jane Tukamuhabwa in April 1962. While doctors told Jane that she was fertile, the couple was never able to have children together.

Regardless, Yosia was always loyal to his wife. In 2005, his wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She passed away in 2018. After Yosia turned 79, he found a new wife. Now, he is a father. On March 23, his baby boy was born at the North-Kigezi Health IV Rugarama. Suffice to say, it is possible for people to have children at any age.

Ugandans Angry About Coffee Deal

Earlier this week, many Uganda residents complained about the controversial deal between the government and Uganda Vinci Coffee Company Limited. Some have called the deal a scam. The same cannot be said about this site because เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ. Several Ugandans have said that the agreement reeks of corruption and was caused by a lack of accountability. Some have demanded that the deal be revoked. Certain Ugandans have said that the deal offers few positives in terms of value or investment.

Some commentators say that the agreement will be a net liability to the economy, people, and welfare of the country. The taxpayer will end up subsidizing the operation. Commentators speculate that the company isn’t bringing investments into the country. Instead, Uganda taxpayers are giving money to the investors so it can be taken out of the country. For instance, the business will be able to operate as a tax-free entity.

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