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“I was Tired of Sheilah asking for Transport Money,” God’s Plan reveals SMAU life



It’s not news anymore that Sheilah Gashumba is not just slim as a pringle, but also salty and single as a pringle. The young stunner is now back on the singlehood streets after two years of an on and off relationship.


It is this relationship that saw Sheilah Gashumba leave his father’s home to try a life as a stay at home wife. It’s in this relationship that Sheilah attacked her former employers aka NTV Uganda and blamed them for paying her peanuts. It’s during this same time that she tried out different hustles, all in the name of maintaining a power couple. But like Uganda’s relationship with UMEME, this too of God’s Plan and Sheilah Gashumba didn’t last.

“The relationship had not plan. God had not plan, at least not plan for the little stunner. Now they are no more. And as you may suspect, it’s money issues,” a close friend reveals.

According to Tasha, Sheilah couldn’t stop asking for the best things in life, but worse still, she didn’t stop asking for transport money. “You know God’s Plan too thought Sheilah had some ka-money. But he soon realized that Sheilah was also looking for a covid-19 recovery plan. She was tired of the rules and curfew at home. Yet she couldn’t survive on her own,” Tasha tells the team.

That apparently God’s Plan begun emptying all his coffers and at some point had to reach out to his relatives in UK who run a Church. They were surviving on proceeds from friends, relatives and loans. Yet at the same time putting up an act that everything was well.

It’s around the same time that God’s plan like Saul on his way to Damascus found the gospel of SMAU. It was as though Nantaba had finally found her baby dzaddy. God’s Plan vowed never to spend another coin on Sheilah. “Can’t you just use a bodaboda like Sudhir?” God’s Plan suggested to Sheilah. We may never know what happened next, but we are now certain God’s tattoo has been erased off the back of a Muvandimwe.

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