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I want closure on AK47’s death — Pallaso




By BigEyeUg Reporter

AK47 was finally laid to rest on Thursday afternoon at his ancestral home in Mityana, but the Mayanja family is yet to get closure on the case. Pallaso is still very bitter that no conclusive theory has been brought forth explaining how his young brother actually died.

AK47’s death has been shrouded in mystery with some reports revealing his death was accelerated by intoxication after he fell in the Dejavu bar washrooms where he was found lying lifeless before being rushed to Nsambya hospital where died minutes after arrival.

Other reports claim AK47 was beaten up by unknown assailants at Dejavu bar who left him for dead in the washrooms.

Pallaso believes the pain of losing his brother will only be alleviated if he eventually finds out what happened on the fateful night. He shared his grief on Social Media:

“I hope one day the sun shines so bright enough to unveil the darkness so we all can finally settle with closure and deal with a little less pain when the real story is finally discovered of how my beautiful darling to many so dear my brother Ak 47 died. At least the people that love him so dearly are owed to know!! Please keep Akay in your prayers and keep praying that the real path of how he met his death gets revealed .. It’s one of the only things left that we could do for him that he would still appreciate even in his after life !!”

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