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I sided with the ghetto people – Buchaman talks about recent arrest by police



By Reporter


Buchaman was recently arrested and According to him harrased by police following the recent incident in Lugala where he had paid a visit as the presidential appointed ghetto advisor and ghetto president. According to Buchaman, he paid a courtesy visit to Lugala to try resolve the land disputes but unfortunately ended up in a police pick up after a brutal fight.

Buchaman narrates “On Thursday 18th June 2020, residents of Lugala Masanafu invited me to resolve a land dispute where they were being evicted on land they had lived for 15 years and as the ghetto people’s representative I honored the invite and headed there. Faridah Mayanja the RCC of Kampala who initiated my arrest and sided with the people who were evicting the ghetto opressed natives. I was arrested brutally and taken on a police pick up when I should have been helping my people.”

Buchaman has vowed to see the matter through to the end.

About Buchaman:

Buchaman real name Mark Bugembe was born in Mukono on 25th sept 1982. He was raised as a ghetto child and rose to fame in the ghettos to attain superstar status. The name Buchaman was derived because most of his family members including his father were butchers.

Buchaman is a Ugandan singer(Dancehall/Reggae Artist)/humanitarian Activist and Actor. He recently was appointed by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni President of Uganda to be his Presidential Advisor on Ghetto matters.

He has done seveval albums in his his venture into music. He has albums like Lwaki temumatila, Tukumatila, African Roots, then a joint album(Firebase Ezze), More love.

His most outspoken album Lwaki Temumatira was nominated in the PAM awards as song of the year.

Buchaman is the leader and C.E.O of his record label Bingi yard records.

He has worked with the most prominent names in the Ugandan music industry from Bobi Wine when he was still the vice president of Fire Base and has gone on to work with the likes of Gen Mega Dee, Dr. Jose Chameleon, Mr. Blue(Kenya), Tenza(Jamaica), Icom Stan(Jamaica) among others.

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