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God is everywhere but he doesn’t meet people everywhere – Prophet Mbonye stirs more controversy as he lures people to Zoe grounds



By Stuart G-Khast

Much known for his controversy, Prophet Mbonye continues to stamp his position as a man of God whose teachings stirs crowds putting them on the extreme. While thousands flock Zoe grounds in anticipation of prophetic wordings from the man of God, a section of others find his teachings controversial and deliberately refuse to fall prey to the prophetic utterance of the Prophet.

Prophet Mbonye away from his prophetic teachings also instills life virtuals and teachings and his latest sermon was about just that. At the close of the month of June, the prophet in his “God is everywhere” teaching clearly puts it that while God is everywhere he does not meet people everywhere. This has attracted mixed reactions from his tweet with many objecting. The prophet has his reasons though. The prophet emphasises that there is an atmosphere, a conducive atmosphere where God meets his people and in this essence many seem to interprete that as his “Zoe grounds”

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