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I do not jump onto fashion trends without preps, Abryanz explains why he has no mouth masks on market



By Reporter

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We caught up with Brian Ahumuza aka Abryanz of Abryanz collection and talked about his perspective of this quarantine, how he is spending his time and if or not he learns from this pandemic.

How has covid 19 affected you as an entrepreneur?

This pandemic has not just affected me but has affected all businesses world over. I am not crying about it because it’s global and every business is affected. I want to keep positive. My life and our lives come first.

Why have you not exploited the current situation as a fashionista? We expected you to be involved in mask business and print T-shirts

As a leading fashion personality, everyone expected me to jump onto the business but I did not see this coming so I did not prepare. I do not love to jump onto a trend unprepared.

What has Abryanz done to help during this covid 19 pandemic?

First I have managed to stay home like the president directed. I have also supported a few people during this period. This period has also helped me rest a bit, since I ventured into my business there is not time I have rested even 2 days so this is a blessing in disguise for me to also rest away from my tight schedule.

Do you see yourself getting back to normal bizness and how has this taught you as a business man?

Yes it will take some time but I will get back on my feet. Every business will. But also what is more important now is to get out of this situation alive, my family, my clients all alive. If we stay alive we can do much greater than before.

This has alao taught me much but as a business person, I always knew risk management and always saved so I cannot say I learnt to save. I have always saved. More than anything, I have learnt to value life.

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