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I can’t invest in Lydia Jazmine, she doesn’t make money – Andy Music



By Stuart G-Khast

After word spreading like wild fire that singer Lydia Jazmine was looking for a manager, her former manager Andy Music has finally broken silence on why their working relationship did not last. Andrew Mugerwa aka Andy Music confirmed he was not incharge of the singer anymore.

His reason for their short lived partnership is that he later realised the singer was not going to bring in money and he wasn’t interested in negative return of investment.”I can’t work with Lydia Jazmine anymore. she does not bring back what someone invests in her. Basically she does not work.” He said.

When asked about the other trio he signed recently, he also revealed he has one of them left. “I am tired of working with school drop outs who do not know the mode of work. I am managing only Brian Weiyz now” he added.

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