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Huawei Predicts 10 Megatrends for 2025



By Staff Writer

Huawei launched its Global Industry Vision (GIV) report, continuing its predictions for technology and industry development up to 2025. 

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Drawing from Huawei’s own quantitative data and real-world use cases of how intelligent technology is permeating every industry, this year’s report identifies 10 megatrends currently shaping how we live and work. GIV also predicts technology trends up until 2025, including 5G coverage, AI deployment, home robot adoption, and smart assistant use rates.

The 10 trends and examples of GIV’s key predictions for 2025 are as follows:

1. Living with Bots: Advances in material science, perceptual AI, and network technologies are powering the uptake of robotics in a variety of home and personal scenarios. GIV predicts a 14% global penetration rate of home robots.

2. Super Sight:  The convergence of 5G, VR/AR, machine learning, and other emerging technologies will let us see beyond distance, distortion, surface, and history, opening up new vistas for people, business, and culture. GIV predicts that the percentage of companies using AR/VR will increase to 10%.

3. Zero Search: As data-driven and sensor-equipped appliances and devices begin anticipating our needs, information will find us. Future searches will be button-free, personal social networks will be created effortlessly, and industry will benefit from “zero-search maintenance”. GIV predicts that 90% of smart device owners will use intelligent personal assistants.


4. Tailored Streets: Intelligent transport systems will connect people, vehicles, and infrastructure, creating zero congestion, rapid emergency response, and other functions that will make life smoother. GIV predicts that 15% of vehicles will have Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything  technology.

5. Working with Bots: Already transforming many industries, smart automation will take on more hazardous, repetitive, and high-precision tasks – a boon for safety and productivity.

GIV predicts that there will be 103 robots in industry for every 10,000 employees. 

6. Augmented Creativity: Cloud AI will cut the cost and barrier of entry to scientific experimentation, innovation, and art, opening up a goldmine of creative potential that’s available to all. GIV predicts that 97% of large companies will have deployed AI.

7. Frictionless Communication: AI and big data analytics will create seamless communication between companies and customers and break down language barriers. Accuracy, understanding, and trust will underpin tomorrow’s communications. GIV predicts that enterprises will fully use of 86% of the data that they produce.

8. Symbiotic Economy: Companies across the planet are adopting digital tech and smart applications on unified access platforms – that means greater collaboration, resource-sharing, stronger global ecosystems, and higher productivity. GIV predicts that every company everywhere will be using cloud technology and 85% of business applications will be cloud-based.

9. 5G’s rapid rollout: 5G is here and it’s landing far faster than any previous wireless generation – the potential for individuals, businesses, and society is enormous. GIV predicts that 58% of the world’s population will have access to 5G.

10. Global Digital Governance: Advancements in digital tech must be balanced by shared data standards and principles for data use. GIV predicts that the annual volume of global data will reach 180 ZB (1 ZB = 1 trillion GB).

According to the CMO of Huawei ICT Infrastructure Kevin Zhang, “Human exploration will never stop. We should set our sights beyond what we see now and look to the future, shifting from innovation to invention. We’re seeing rapid changes to life, work, and society as every industry adopts AI, 5G, cloud computing, and other emerging technologies. Huawei is committed to building digital platforms, user experiences, and intelligent technology that power ubiquitous connectivity in every scenario. It’s our mission to offer every person, home, and organization an intelligent future and the benefits of entirely new opportunities for growth.”

With the first report released in 2018, GIV @2025 is designed to analyze industry development trends and serve as a strategic guide for ICT deployment. 

For more information about GIV@2025, please visit


About Huawei

Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. With integrated solutions across four key domains – telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services – we are committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

Huawei’s end-to-end portfolio of products, solutions and services are both competitive and secure. Through open collaboration with ecosystem partners, we create lasting value for our customers, working to empower people, enrich home life, and inspire innovation in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

At Huawei, innovation focuses on customer needs. We invest heavily in basic research, concentrating on technological breakthroughs that drive the world forward. We have more than 188,000 employees, and we operate in more than 170 countries and regions. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private company fully owned by its employees.

For more information, please visit Huawei online at or follow us on:

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Local Business

New Ford EcoSport unveiled in Uganda



By Our Reporter

Cooper Motor Corporation (CMC), the official distributor for Ford in Uganda, has debuted the new Ford EcoSport compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) on the local market. The luxury car was unveiled during a ceremony held at their head offices located in Nakawa on Wednesday evening.

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With the new Ford EcoSport, the company is looking to break into the light range station wagon market. This is according to Ford Brand Manager Richard Musani who also revealed that the new SUV is suited for customers who want cars with smaller engines but greater efficiency.

“We have been largely present in the mid-range, that is heavy duty station market, and we are now bringing this product to be able to compete closely in the light range station wagon market as well.” Richard Musani stated.

“The EcoSport has a smaller engine and guarantees customers the best fuel economy.” He added.

Herman Mbalasi, the Country Manager CMC, says the car has been fitted with the latest technologies and will ensure optimal comfort and safety for the customers.

“We are thrilled to introduce the new Ford EcoSport to the Uganda market,” Mbalasi said. “It comes with more advanced features, more refined styling and more sophisticated technologies. Drivers will feel more comfortable and self-assured than ever at the wheel.”

The Ford EcoSport has a sitting capacity of five and comes in three series – Ambiente, Trend and Titanium. The vehicle has an engine capacity of 1.5L with an option between manual or auto transmission with electric power steering system and a fuel tank capacity of 52 litres. It is available at USD 32, 500/- (inclusive of taxes).

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Local Business

Vivo Energy Uganda celebrates triple I.S.O. certification



By Our Reporter

Vivo Energy Uganda, the company that distributes and markets Shell branded fuels and lubricants in Uganda, has been awarded three standards certifications by the International Standards Organization (ISO). ISO is the global standard-setting body, comprised of representatives from various standards organisations.

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Vivo Energy Uganda was awarded ISO 9001: 2015 Certification for implementing Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 Certification for Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Certification for Occupational Health and Safety.

Vivo Energy Uganda celebrated this milestone by hosting a dinner at Kampala Serena Hotel with its staff and various stakeholders, ranging from diplomatic heads of missions, government agencies, business partners and customers in attendance.

The Managing Director of Vivo Energy Uganda, Gilbert Assi noted that the triple ISO certification was the highest honour bestowed upon any company seeking excellence through implementing quality management systems.

“To Vivo Energy Uganda this will reinforce our company’s position as the most respected energy business in Uganda; which is in line with our company vision. We also believe that at the heart of Vivo Energy Uganda’s operations are our stakeholders and our commitment to excellence in health, safety, security and the environment (HSSE). To our company today, the announcement of our triple ISO certification is an affirmation of what we have always focused on as our work culture. The Vivo Energy way of carrying out key business operations is meant to be in the safest manner possible and with quality and efficiency in mind,” he said.

The Executive Director of Uganda National Bureau of Standards, Eng. Dr. Ben Manyindo hailed Vivo Energy Uganda for making a strategic decision to work to achieve certifications from ISO.

“The triple ISO certification is an important milestone for Vivo Energy Uganda and demonstrates desire to seek excellence in the quality of your products, services and overall health and safety of your employees and the environment. Congratulations,” he said.

Adding, “As the government body with a mandate is ensuring high standards in this country, we appeal to all companies to pursue not only national but also international certifications to ensure better management of their resources, an increase in profitability and stronger return on investments.”

Vivo Energy’s Executive Vice President for East and Southern Africa, Hans Paulsen, thanked the government for creating an enabling environment for the sector to thrive.

“Achieving the triple ISO certification enables key players like Vivo Energy to continue to meet our customers’ needs through the continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence in order to improve our product and services. Our continuous investment is also testament of our belief in the potential and vast opportunities for growth that the sector provides in Uganda. I congratulate the team at Vivo Energy Uganda for this achievement, and thank our partners for their continued support.”

The commissioner of Petroleum supply at Ministry of Energy Rev Frank Tukwasibwe who represented the Minister of Energy Irene Muloni noted that Vivo Energy Uganda’s triple ISO certification would be associated with a range of benefits that the company and its stakeholders and the sector at large would enjoy.

“The government of Uganda notes with appreciation the investments made by players in the sector such as yourselves, in ensuring that Ugandans receive the best value for their money. It makes us proud that Vivo Energy is championing this and leading further growth of the sector. The State will work to ensure that it continues to enable investment in the sector and continuous improvement overall,” he added.

He further encouraged the company to ensure compliance with the required standards set and to work towards sustaining the three certifications.

Vivo Energy Uganda also announced that it was working with the International Standards Organisation to pursue additional certification of its fuels laboratory in Kampala.

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Oulanyah Tells Off Nambooze; Take Matters Of Mistreated Ugandans Abroad To UAERA



The Deputy Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah has advised Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze to take matters of mistreated Ugandans abroad to the Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agency (UAERA).

Oulanyah also tasked UAERA to expeditiously handle the repatriation of workers stranded in foreign countries under uncomfortable working conditions.

Oulanyah said labour export agencies that are licensed and operating within the law, subscribe to UAERA through payment of insurance, and should handle repatriation or treatment of workers.

“So there should not be any burden to any parent that their child is stranded somewhere and they are looking for money to repatriate them or that they should refund money before they are brought back,” Oulanyah explained.

The Deputy Speaker made the remarks in response to a concern raised by Mukono Municipality MP, Betty Nambooze on Thursday, 01 August 2019. Nambooze said that youth who sought employment abroad through labour agencies were stuck and unable to return to Uganda.

Nambooze noted that following the Deputy Speaker’s directive on18 July 2019, several girls are stranded at the Uganda embassy in the United Arab Emirates as they wait for support to return home.

This was after Nambooze raised procedure in which she asked Oulanyah to inform Parliament of a decision he had taken about setting up a select committee to investigate issues of mistreated Ugandans that go to work abroad because she was receiving new cases of Mistreated girls.

MP Betty NamboozeNambooze claims that when she raised the issue of 53 girls that were stranded at the Ugandan embassy in United Arab Emirates (UAE), the ambassador retaliated by chasing away the girls.

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