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How to Work in the Office Comfortably: 5 Simple Rules



By Staff Writer

Prolonged work in the office can lead to unpleasant and even dangerous disorders or pathological conditions. The main ones are visual impairment, dehydration, back pain, and other problems. Here’s how you can minimize these risks.

Organize Your Workplace

This begins the prevention of many disorders caused by office work. So what do you need to consider when organizing your workplace?

The lighting should be even and moderately bright. It is unacceptable that the light source should be directed at the monitor, in this case you will have to strain your eyes to see the screen.

The flicker frequency must be over 60 Hz and not more than 100 Hz for all your activities. This factor is essential not only when you are working but also when you are watching movies or betting on 22Bet Uganda. The optimal distance to your eyes is about 60 cm when you work on a standard-sized monitor. If your monitor is wider, the distance should be greater. You are expected to look slightly up at the screen when you work, so position the monitor so that the top frame is at eye level. Screen brightness is also important – too high will tire your eyes, too low will strain them.

The head and neck should keep their natural position. So it is important that the office chair has a comfortable backrest, headrest and armrests. The legs should stand completely on the floor and the knee and thigh should form a right angle.

Combat Dehydration

The air in the office is always too dry. Computers are chiefly to blame. In summer, the situation is aggravated by air conditioning, in winter by heating. This can lead to the development of dehydration.

Place a humidifier near your workplace, and drink plenty of fluids. It is better if you always have a bottle or at least a cup of water at hand.

Dehydration is also dangerous for your eyes, as they dry out as they blink less frequently. This happens when you focus on something for a long time, like a document or a monitor. That’s why you should leave yourself a reminder on your monitor, like a sticker that says “Blink”.

Take Breaks

To give your eyes a rest, it is recommended to take breaks every 20 minutes. It is enough to close your eyes for 20 seconds, blink or shift your gaze to an object in the distance. This will reduce the strain on the visual apparatus.

Longer breaks – up to 5 minutes – should be taken every hour and a half. During this time, take a short walk around the office and look out the window. But you should not switch to mobile gadgets, otherwise the eye muscles will not be able to relax.

Breaks will help you stretch, which will have a positive effect on your joints. And the main thing is that your performance will increase, because pauses with the opportunity to switch your attention will spur the brain to find new solutions.

Establish a Sleep Schedule

Your habits outside of the office have a direct impact on how your body copes with work stress. That’s why it’s so important to get enough sleep and ensure you get plenty of rest.

Observe sleep hygiene – if possible, go to bed and get up at the same time every day, including weekends. Remember that the minimum recommended length of sleep is 6 hours, the optimal length is 7-8 hours.

Use Special Glasses

You may have noticed that after a long time working at the computer it is sometimes difficult to fall asleep. The reason for this is the blue color emitted by the monitor. It causes the destruction of melatonin, the enzyme responsible for the cycles of life.

As a result, sleep patterns become disrupted, chronic fatigue accumulates, and it becomes increasingly difficult to work.

To avoid this, use special glasses that block the rays of the blue spectrum. In just a few days, you will not only start to fall asleep faster, but you will also feel better overall – glasses also fight eye fatigue and relieve them of unnecessary strain.

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