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Fashion Tips: How To Make a Fashion Statement on Valentines




By Gloria Haguma

Aside from all the lovers showering around some love, the one thing that always gets my attention on Valentines’ day is the fashion. It’s a norm here that the official colours for this day are red and black.

So people will show up at work places, valentine dinners, in their black and red outfits. Truthfully, it gets boring, at times; the black tops and red bottoms or vice versa.

I am not saying we need to kill the black and red colour tradition for this day, but I just feel there should be a more stylish way of wearing these two colours, without eventually coming off looking rather odd.

The one trick you can make use of is by sticking to one of the colours for your outfit, then accessorize with the other. And by accessories, I mean everything from the jewelry, the bag, nail vanish, shoes, and even lipstick!

For instance, if you are dressing up to a romantic valentines dinner, on that day, you can opt for a black leather detailed dress. You can choose to have your dress in any style of your choice, from the slits, cutouts, and even lace. Then accessorize this with a pair of red shoes, or even a red pout. That way, you manage to balance out the two colours, with the black being the bigger part of the look. So you have your two colours on, but in a sleek and stylish way.

Keep in mind, also that it’s not compulsory that you need to stick to these two colours. You can choose one of the colours, preferably the red, since it has more attachment to the day. Then blend this with other colours, like white. For instance, if you opt for a body con white dress, then add a red pair of heels to this.

If you are wearing it to work, then you can work around with a two-piece pants and jacket, in black preferably. Then complete this with a classy red tote.

Do not limit yourself. It’s fashion after all, so have fun with your different style choices, keeping in mind though, that your final look should make a statement!

Happy Valentines  Day!


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