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Opinion: Mun G Made The Right Decision to Leave The Baboons



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Mun G performs at the Lumbox Carnival

By Ian Ortega

Whereas many have given mixed reactions following Mun-G’s exit from Baboon Forest Entertainment, I am one of those few optimistic realists who thinks Mun-G made the perfect decision that was long over-due.

We can’t of course deny the fact that the Forest helped nurture Mun-G in the right direction but we should also note that it had strained him from shooting to his maximum peak. Usually, groups think that when members leave, they always end up losing out. But this is not usually the case.

We have seen Cindy go ahead to leave or get fired from Blu-3 and turning out to be a very successful artiste. We have seen the I-Jay break up and today Iryn Namubiru and Juliana K. are some of Uganda’s most successful female artistes.

Whereas Mun-G may have broken even musically, I am of the view that he had not broken even financially and brand-wise. I am one of those who felt that Mun-G was being decelerated by Baboon Forest Ent. The only way to learn how to walk on water is to leave the boat. Baboon Forest is that boat that Mun-G had to leave in order to walk on the water, that is the music industry. Baboon Forest simply acted as Mun-G’s comfort zone but it promised no long-term growth whatsoever.

Some of the advantages Mun-G will enjoy on his new path include;

1. Creative Control: I have a feeling that there was a lid to put Mun-G’s creative muscles in check. I am also of the view that his concert flop was master-minded to prove that he was still a small fish who couldn’t do without Baboon forest. But now that’s he out, he will be able to maintain full creative control; especially as a Hip-hop artiste. Therefore, potential arguments that may ensue as a result of creative differences will more than likely be with people who are not fully involved in the creative process…thus making them much easier to ignore than those who understand or respect your creativity.

2. Money Matters: Perhaps the main feature of saying bye to his fellow Baboons are the financial benefits; besides the people whom he will hire to handle and help manage his career, his money will be his! This may not sound like a big deal if one is not in a group, but even thousands of dollars split five ways is not a lot. There is also no chance of being paid less than other members of your group (an issue that has ruined a plethora of music groups)…because they don’t exist.


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