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How the MTN MoMo Nyabo promo is changing lives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic



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Betty Nanfuka and her husband jubilate after receiving their money won in MTN MoMo Nyabo promo.

Betty Nanfuka and her husband jubilate after receiving their money won in MTN MoMo Nyabo promo.

By Our Reporter 

The economic and financial constraints caused by COVID-19 have been felt by many people in Uganda. However, telecom giant, MTN Uganda through its MTN MoMo Nyabo Together Promotion, is restoring lives in ways unimaginable.

Betty Nanfuka, 54, from Buwama in Masaka district, won herself 5,000,000 Uganda shillings. Nanfuka refused to believe that she had won till she received the actual MTN team at her residence in Buwama.

The mother of twelve and grandmother of ten danced and jubilated while welcoming the MTN team to her residence in Buwama.

Nanfuka said she would use the money she has won to finally build a permanent structure; “I intend to immediately buy iron sheets so that I can build my dream home. With the rest of the money I will be able to invest in farming as I already had a nursery bed for my tomatoes.”

A security conscious Nanfuka narrated how she later on had to inquire from the area chairman of Sango sub county if indeed MTN had an ongoing promotion since she does not have a television set and barely uses her radio. After confirming the truth, an overly excited Nanfuka even failed to sleep as she resorted to praying the rosary since it all felt like a dream to her.

Nanfuka has been a loyal client to the MTN brand especially its mobile money service that she uses to pay for Ready Pay solar.

Nanfuka chose her husband Leonard Kawuma as her beneficiary; “He knows how far we have come,” she said, in reference to her husband as they danced together.

Kawuma received 2,000,000 Uganda shillings as his wife received 3,000,000 Uganda shillings.

Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, one’s worst nightmare would be falling sick of either COVID-19 itself or any other ailment. As many struggle to afford feeding and accommodation bills, the last bill one would want to incur is a medical bill.

Despite all the financial challenges that came with the pandemic, Nalongo Kevin Namagembe a resident of Kikoni had accumulated medical bills that had stripped her of all her finances yet she still had more medical bills to meet. Namagembe who is a Manager at Intertrade Global Eastern region stationed in Malaba has not been able to resume work because of her health complications.

Nalongo Kevin Namagembe from Makerere-Kikoni won Ugx 4.2 million from the MTN MoMo Nyabo Promotion

Nalongo Kevin Namagembe won Ugx 4.2 million from the MTN MoMo Nyabo Promotion

Fortunately, she won Ugx 4,200,000 shillings in the on-going MTN MoMo Nyabo Promotion and with this money, she will be able to treat her hand that was paralyzed by the illness.

During the lockdown Namagembe used up all she had whilst footing her medical bills: “Transport alone was expensive as I was normally charged 25,000 to get to Mulago from Makerere-Kikoni,” she said. Namagembe thanked God for not forsaking her and using MTN to bless her at a time she needed it the most.

Namagembe further said that her health was her major priority and she would use the money she had won to pay for her therapy as well as purchase the different medications she had been advised to buy.

“I can now breathe. I am now able to afford the natural remedies my nutritionist had recommended as well all the medicine I need.” Said a happy Namagembe. She shared the money with her father, Matthew Mukasa Ssentamu.

Apart from the 2 daily winners of up to UGX 5,000,000, 250 people win 50,000 shillings directly every day. All you have to do is pay using MTN MoMo and stand a chance to win.

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