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How Bobi Wine’s departure from music affected Bebe Cool the most, and how he is coping with it



Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool

By Bash Mutumba

When you talk of Bebe Cool’s biggest songs, “Bafudde”, “Kaseppiki”, “Ndiisa buti”, “Boggola ko”, and “Funtula” cannot miss on your list, and one thing they have in common? Yes you guessed it right: they are diss tracks aimed at Bobi Wine, apart from the latter, which actually was a collabo between the rivals during their times of bromance.

Ever since Bobi set out to join politics, his rate of releasing music has dramatically dropped, and the topics he sings about have also been narrowed down a great deal. He is no longer the Fire Base boss who would lash out at Bebe Cool in diss songs with very scathing insults. It might sound a good move, and it actually is for Bobi Wine who is trying to look as mature and civil as possible in the political space, but it actually isn’t that good for Bebe’s music.

As you might know, songs like “Mwesortinge”, “Mr. Kataala”, “Matyansi Butyampa” among others, were unapologetically aimed at Bebe Cool and were mega hits, and Bobi’s political morphing seems to work out for him, but this leaves Bebe to be heavily investing in songs and videos that are not doing as well as expected. However, with the many wordsmiths at his disposal, the Gagamel Boss seeks to replicate previous successes like “Love you everyday” in songs like “Wasibuka wa” – so far so good.

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