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UAERA refutes Hon. Nambooze human trafficking allegations



Recently Mukono legislature Hon Berry Nambooze made a Facebook post that pinned a labour exporting company of bidding Ugandans abroad. Nambooze alleged that a one Dorreen Magezi was placed on a stall and sold to the highest bidder at $3000. While addressing the press today, Ruth Karungi, Director Marphine International, a labour agency that took Magezi to Jordan said that her company is registered and legally operating. She added on that she has taken over 100 girls who are happy and Magezi was not arrested as earlier reported.

“Magezi was only taken to record a statement so that we find out if she was tortured and follow up with our sister company in Jordan, “said Karungi

According to Karungi, by the time Hon. Betty Nambooze posted the story, she had already booked a ticket for Magezi however she missed the flight prompting her to book for her another flight.While speaking on Phone, a one Pastor Sarah who Magezi is currently with said Magezi was not tortured but rather had medical complications and she is currently out of danger.

“I am not a trafficker, my husband Henry never ordered for the arrest of anyone, he was not even in the country,” Karungi added.

Karungi also presented Whatasp screenshots that she claimed where between Magezi and her boyfriend. According to the chat, her boyfriend was asking her to forge a reason so that she could be returned home.

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