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G.N.L Zamba applauds A Pass for “Remove All My Music” campaign



By BigEyeUg Team

GNL Zamba has applauded fellow musician A Pass for asking all local online music-publishing platforms that do not pay artistes to pull down his music.

A Pass is against Ugandan websites that upload music without any payments in return to the musicians.

He argues that if these sites pull down all his music he can then push his fans to access it on other music streaming platforms that share revenue with the artistes.

All Ugandan websites that upload Ugandan music and don’t pay money to the artists please remove all my music on your platform when you see this tweet. #RemoveAllMyMusic,” A Pass wrote on his Twitter platform.

GNL has shown full support for his actions, stating that, “When I came back to Uganda and did this before the spear album release most people called me mad and the media houses linked to these websites stopped playing my music and also refused to nominate my works for their awards. Their loss!!! Because real money in a bank account is better than a sprayed wooden statue!!! Glad my brother is also woke to this exploitation. #RemoveAllMyMusic fans that support art can access my works directly on my website and platforms that pay me for my work!!!

However, this could be a bumpy ride for the ‘’Nkwagala’ singer as he has already earned criticism from some deejays, local radios, and TV stations.

We will keep you posted.

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