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Fufa could be disbanded




The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) could be out of office by August this year.

This after Uganda’s independent publication, the Daily Monitor – quoting well placed Ministry of Education and Sports sources – revealed that government’s solicitor general had affirmed the local body’s illegality.

This was after docket minister Jessica Alupo sought the Solicitor and Attorney Generals interpretation of Fufa’s ‘illegality’ following persistent petitions to her office.

“The Solicitor General’s report was so damning on Fufa and if we had put out to the public the dirty things that have been happening at Fufa before Cranes games (Liberia and Angola), it would have messed everything,” said the source, who requested not to be named as they do not speak officially for the ministry.

“So after the Solicitor General returned the report, we wondered what to do because the recommendations were that we had to disband Fufa and hold some individuals accountable for running a national association as a limited company and using public money under false pretence. There are several irregularities I cannot disclose.”

The source added: “So the minister sought guidance from Fred Ruhindi (Deputy Attorney General) and he advised us not to disband the federation before we have the new guidelines (Sports Act) in place.

“So the minister instituted a task force which is already halfway their work of formulating a new Act.”

It is reported that an eight-man interim committee to fast-track the new Fufa has already been approved by cabinet and they will be unveiled sometime next month when Alupo calls a press conference to announce Fufa’s disbandment.

When contacted, Alupo said: “I cannot say much but all I can tell you is that we shall communicate the best solution to the standoff that has embarrassed us internationally in the first part of July. We shall start a new chapter which we are confident will put to an end these football problems.”

All this comes a day after Fufa president Lawrence Mulindwa told his executive that he would not be seeking a third four-year-term in August.

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