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Frank Gashumba forgives NBS TV, working on new inspirational show



BigEyeUg Team

Frank Gashumba and his daughter Sheila at an event

Top motivational speaker, Frank M.Gashumba has had his ups and downs with Kamwokya based, NBS TV.

The social entrepreneur whose show was discontinued on the station unceremoniously filled a lawsuit against the station’s management not so long ago.

Yesterday, NBS TV released a formal apology to Gashumba seeking forgiveness for what happened. Being the good man that he is, Gashumba has decided to forgive and reveal that a new inspirational TV show is coming up soon. Here is what he wrote.

As a social enterpreneur & motivational speaker, my life rotates on changing people’s lives and those close to me know it well that Politics is a by the way. Early last year, 2017, I started a talk show on NBS TV called “The Eagle” that was meant to be a must watch show for family which was the case in the few weeks I was on air. As time went by, NBS Management decided to change the format of the show to which I disagreed, notable about the final decision¬†was the fact that I wasn’t consulted on what decision was being taken yet I was the brain behind the show. For that reason, I decided to step aside from the show.

A few days later, NBS released and posted a letter on their Facebook page alleging that they had received complaints of people alleging that I had “conned” them. On reading the letter for the first time, I couldn’t believe that it was from the writers.

Immediately, I instructed my lawyers M/s Mushabe, Munungu & Co Advocates and M/s Denis Nyombi and Co Advocates to institute a law suit against NBS TV and Pamela Adong, the station’s Chief Marketing Officer for defamation & Maligning. Following this notice, Civil Suit No 149 of 2017 was opened up against the two defendants. As part of court procedures, civil cases go through mediation to try and settle some matters out of court.

So far, we have appeared before the chief mediator who was instructed by a Judge three times with the NBS team being represented by their lawyer Muhamad Ali Kajubi, Ramathan Mbago, Company’s Chief Operating Officer and Joel Kigozi, Deputy CEO. After a number of mediations,the company’s representatives owned up to the fact that they acted on false allegations & Malice and they opted for case settlement out of court. In all this, I was ready to push hard for this case up to the supreme court.

Kin Kariisa is the CEO of Next Media the mother company for NBS TV

Yesterday, NBS released a statement retracting the false allegations and admitting that they acted on false information. “The purpose of this press release is to retract those statements conveyed in that letter and apologise for the inconvenience and/or embarrassment the letter caused Mr Frank Gashumba, his family, friends and associates, ” read part of the statement released by NBS.

Yesterday, I decided to forgive and let go of all this. This is not because they apologised but because as a christian, I believe in forgiving in anyone that owns up to their mistake or recklessness However, I believe an apology makes more sense if it is moved from paper to actions.

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And to you my followers, a New and massive inspiration TV show will come your way soon so look forward to what I have in stock for you.

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