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Forget Sheila Gashumba: Fik Fameica finds love in America



By Stuart G-Khast

Not so often do people move on from their past relationships, Uganda’s arguably favourite rapper, Fik Fameica is no exception and has often fallen prey to the matters of the heart. The rapper in his first stardom year hooked up then NTV presenter Sheila Gashumba in a relationship that did not see it’s first anniversary.

The good News is, finally the rapper has moved on and is rumored to have hooked up a new soul-mate. Fik Fameica has hooked not just an everyday girl but a celebrated model in the states where he has been for some time now.

Though the rapper refused to disclose further information, we have learnt that Fik Fameica will be in and out of the country considering his new affair. “Fik is a happier man now. His trip to the US helped a lot with new connections and friendships that will further his career.” An insider told us.

Who is Halima?

Halima Aden is a Kenyan born Somali model who now lived in American and is a fashion model. Halima was born on September 19, 1997 and is aged 22. She attended St. Cloud State University, Apollo High School and is signed to IMG Models. Halima is noted for being the first woman to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, where she was a semi-finalist.

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