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Fille Boycotts Interview, Banned from UBC Studios



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By Stuart G-khast

Rising female singer Fille is letting her pride drive her astray.

On Friday last week, Fille had been scheduled for an interview at Magic 100FM but to the disappointment of the programmers, the singer did not show up.

Inside sources reveal that the singer had prior knowledge of the interview to which she responded in the affirmative. However on Friday as the interview time approached, Fille together with her management could not pick any phone calls which intensively left the management of UBC wondering.

Later she called faking a mechanical problem with her car along the way.


Bigeye.ug can confirm that a source close her revealed that while the management of UBC was waiting for Fille, she was laying on her back in her bed.

“Fille intentionally shunned that interview, she was in her bed staring at her wall,” a close source brought that to our notice.

This has not gone well with the UBC management which has banned her from their premises till further notice.

This is not the first time the diva is intentionally boycotting events, she once refused to perform on a show she was contracted while at the venue already.

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