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Fashion: Fireboy Gets Style-Touch-Up from Oscar Kampala



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By Reporter

Over the past few weeks, Social Media has been abuzz with the news that Nigerian music star Fireboy DML was coming to perform at the cricket oval courtesy of Malembe Lifestyle and a beer sponsor, among others. And as always, international shows of this caliber invite quite the pressure on the fashion industry locally. The question always is; who will clinch the deal to style the artiste in the limelight? For two consecutive times, it has been Oscar Nyesige of the Oscar Kampala fashion brand. Having initially styled a popular Nigerian Disk Jokey, DJ Neptunes, during his stay in Uganda, the youngster Oscar Kampala was a favorite to clinch the deal.

But while the news didn’t get around much initially, this website has exclusively found out that yet again, Fireboy DML passed by Oscar Nyesige of the Oscar Kampala fashion power house. The two reportedly spent time together and though he hasn’t been pictured in any of the outfits yet, it is rumored that he picked up a number of outfit ensembles for special occasions.

It seems very apparent that Oscar Kampala has taken center stage whenever there is need for local stylists with a universal or international touch of fashion. Though we are yet to see Fireboy in Oscar Kampala’s outfits, it seems the world has started to notice him.

He has the knack for superstar outfits. The kind of outfits that say someone is not out there to prove anything. Outfits that say; ‘I am not trying to get your attention because I know I already have it’. And there is always a distinction between that kind of outfit, and the outfit of someone who is trying to get noticed. That’s why Oscar stands out. Because in both extremely contrasting scenarios, Oscar will manage an outfit ensemble that serves the purpose, occasion and statement of desire. He is, in essence, a gem that’s going to be very busy the more they discovered how gifted he is,” said an international artiste manager who preferred anonymity.

May the stars are the limit. Or maybe not. But Oscar Kampala sure is on his way to the stardom his gifted hands deserve.

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