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Fans get raw deal with one hit international artistes



brick n laceBy Ian Nkera Ford

So, once in a while you have this song that is starting to make rounds in the clubs and radios whose artiste you don’t know. The song gains ground and before you know it we have a hit on our hands. A few searches here and there and we get to figure out that it’s an apparent international artiste we have no clue about who has just got their big break in music and has nothing of a career to write home about.

In opportunistic fashion, the concert promoters fall over themselves to fly in the “international singer” who just registered their first hit. You get promises of the biggest show ever and then bizarre radio ads pour in like “Macka Diamond aka Miss Dye Dye in concert…. blah blah” and the whole situation gets animated and can be likened to a circus. You ask yourself why so much effort would be put in to bring in an artiste who only has one song the fans can relate to and why the fans have been made to blindly buy into this fraud.

Its criminal enough for a promoter to fork out $20,000 for a one hit singer to perform but more criminal to ask the ordinary music fan to fork out shs 20,000 worth of earned money to watch them perform just one hit song. Why don’t Ugandans learn?

The trend started with Brick n Lace showing up back in 2008 after the success of their ‘Love Is Wicked’ monster hit and went on with Mr. Flavour doing nothing more than his ‘Ashawo’ hit. Now I hear, a little known struggling musician in the person of Macka Diamond was performing for the lovers on Valentines. Take out her ‘DYE DYE’ song out of her performance and you will have a clueless and helpless singer staring at the crowd.

Fans should realize that they are being ripped off and should stop buying into this broad daylight robbery.


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