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Everjobs Uganda holds first CV and Job Interview Workshop



By Andreas Schühly

More than 40 job seekers and career advancers met at 5.30 pm at the Everjobs office in Kamwokya for the first ever held Everjobs CV and Job Interview Workshop. Asked for their expectations most attendees answered that they want to get to know how to improve their CV and leverage their interview skills to get a good job.

Attendee Leonard had so many expectations that he did not could event break them down. Mordecai said he wants to meet and share with the people who have been in the field for long. Attendee Barbra put into a nutshell by stating she needs to know how to write a better CV and cover letter and then there should be a good job by next week.

After arriving at the venue, the attendees registered at the registration desk. While waiting for all attendees to come, the waiting people were entertained with sodas, vouchers from Everjobs’ sister companies Jumia, Jovago and Hellofood, as well as with newspapers contributed by The East African Business Week.

Everjobs workshop

The workshop started with Everjobs Country Manager Julian Schulz giving a presentation about Everjobs, explaining key employers hiring with internship. Of special interest for the young audience was the topic internships. Schulz mentioned the successful internship placements Everjobs already achieved, he further promised to work hard to expand the internship opportunities.

Before diving into the topic by interactively inviting the attendees to participate in the presentation, Schulz shocked the audience with some facts, e.g. that HR people spend on average per CV only some seconds, and not the 5 minutes the audience guessed. He showed common CV mistakes before sharing a lot of insights to support the attendees in their attempts to build their own career. To wrap-up the presentation, attendees were given the opportunity to ask personal questions that were answered by Schulz.

Everjobs workshop

Afterwards the attendees were split in several groups that participated in 1 on 1 interviews, personal CV guidance and a professional CV photo shooting among others.

Feedback by attendees was very positive and all attendees agreed that they learned a lot for the future. Mikka for example enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot about setting up a CV. Betty said, that she is now able to erase the errors she makes in her CV. For Sylivia it was apart from learning professional CV & interview skills a good opportunity to network with people in a similar situation. Precious stated that the workshop built up her confidence. Well-equipped with this feedback the Everjobs team is looking forward to the next workshop.

About author: 

Andreas Schühly is a Strategic Partnership Manager at Everjobs.ug

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