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End of the Road as Tamale Mirundi is Banned from Radio and TV Indefinitely



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On 16th June 2020, Tamale Mirundi will feature no more on his popular NBS TV show. One on One with Tamale Mirundi had become one of the most watched shows in Uganda. We have now learned that Tamale Mirundi has been forced to take a sabbatical off the radio and TV platforms.

“This time round the order came from the big man himself. A group of CEOs reported Mirundi over what they described as sabotage. Some claimed he was a gun for hire, that people were paying him to fight their wars. He touched many sensitive issues, it was just a matter of time,” our source tells us.

When Tamale Mirundi was being fired from State House, it was Andrew Mwenda who spearheaded the move. It is now rumoured that Mwenda was back again to put the final nail in Mirundi’s coffin.

“Tamale didn’t know where to stop. He attacked many people close to the President. He attacked businessmen that many knew as flawless. He had three big enemies, Tumwebaze, Mwenda and Kabushenga. He had also made friends with numerous businessmen and was now their unofficial PR person, these included Sudhir, Mbuga, Brian White and Ham to mention but a few,” our source comments.

Going forward, the order from above requires Mirundi to restrain from appearing on any TV Or radio show. We have also learned that he was told to avoid other social media platforms until such a time when he is allowed back.

“I don’t see how Mirundi can survive without talking. The Mafias that he had beaten finally waited for him around the corner and have served him a bigger beating,” our source tells us.

Tamale was also very critical of the government’s response towards the Covid-19 pandemic. It is on this issue that many kept reporting him to the President. “The President is a germaphobe, anyone who misleads the wanainchi, the President considers as enemies.”

On his last show at Ddembe FM, Mirundi told listeners that he was taking a short break and would return to launch his own radio station. Unfortunately that return could be next to impossible.

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