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End of Lockdown: Uganda to Re-Open Airport, Borders on 1st October



In a bid to further ease the lockdown, Uganda government has voted to re-open its borders and airport on 1st October 2020. We’ve learned that foreigners on a tourist visa will be required to come with a covid-19 free PCR certificate valid for 72 hours.

The government has also proposed an instant covid-19 test. Tourists and other travelers into the country will be tested and held within selected airport hotels as they await their results. Upon receipt of a negative results, these people will be let go. “There will no longer be a mandatory 14 day quarantine. It is all about ease of doing things in Uganda. We are simplifying everything going forward,” our source tells us.

BigEye.ug has also learned that government has come up with a home-care package for managing COVID-19 cases at home. “Our hospitals are getting stressed. There’s no reason why asymptomatic patients should occupy beds at hospitals. All covid-19 cases will now be managed home. Only extreme cases will be referred to the major selected hospitals for attention. Care-givers will pick the medicine and immune boosters for the patients at gazetted treatment centres,” our source reveals.

When it came to churches, the committe voted to re-open but with numbers limited to a maximum of 70 per service. “Churches will be required to have registers for all their services. We shall re-open churches but with more controls. Churches must also meet the space requirements.”

Finally the issue of bars remained unresolved. “Bars will be re-opened but they must prove beyond reasonable doubt that people can still party and maintain social distancing and not be a risk to themselves. They fall in the same categories as gyms and other sports events,”our State House source explains.

The government has also been exploring new enforcement options for those who defy the government guidelines. “It’s tricky when you get someone not wearing a mask and send them to prison. Instead, we are going to get catchment areas. We shall be subjecting those who break government protocols to tougher measures. Community work, heavy fines, all these are going to be part of the package. We shall send them to clean the gutters of Kampala. We shall have them slash the bushes. This is going to be free labour.

In a bid to develop more ground forces, government will allow medical schools to resume especially for final year students. For the rest of the students, this has been declared a dead-year. School will officially resume in early February next year, the President has emphasized this, it’s not debatable,” our source confirmed.

BigEye.ug has also learned that lockdown won’t be an option government will pursue any longer since WHO has also dropped it off its recommendations. It’s now about moving on amidst the challenge. “The big things on the table is how we get to regain back our other life, the bars, the events. For now, the Tentative dates for Bars and events is November 15th. Government has tasked bar owners to avail their SOPs and proposals, once these are agreed, bars that meet requirements will be given KCCA stickers allowing them to operate,” says our source.

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