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Embrace your partying companion in the new Camon 19 Pro



By Staff Writer

Let’s face it, Ugandans love to party and the moment they hear the word “oliwa wenyi” they know the time is here. TECNO recently launched the brand new Camon 19 Pro and you can tell that they surely had the party lovers in mind.

Allow me to introduce you to the First RGBW Sensor, G+P Sensitive Lens that sets a new standard for nighttime Images and Portraits. The truth is, night parties are the craziest, a few drinks here and there and you are ready to come out of your shell. Most of these parties however are in dimly lit clubs and party halls.

Any party animal knows that the moment has to be captured no matter where you are. Now, with a camera a Camon 19 Pro with an industry-first 64MP main camera and an RGBW sensor/glass lens co-developed with Samsung, this super night camera sets new standards for accurately capturing bright, clear images and portraits in less-than-optimal lighting situations at any night party.

More so, this is accomplished by employing a sensor system that mimics the focus of a human eye and allows for exceptional light processing, along with a glass lens that increases the light intake by more than 208 percent and significantly increases the brightness of the image.

To make things even brighter and juicier, with the  Super Night Portrait mode, the sensor and lens combine to transform portraits taken in dimly lit environments like at night parties into ones brimming with brightness, contrast, and sharpness. All this while eliminating visual artifacts (also known as “noise”). The four rear flashlights, along with an advanced algorithm, recognize low-light conditions and provide the necessary light to effectively fill shadows or dark areas.

So, what are you waiting for, you can order yours online using Jumia and also purchase in installments using Take Now. The Camon 19 Pro comes with free data from MTN every month and 100% data bonus on purchases made for the first 3 months.  

What is your excuse for not partying with your favourite Camon 19 Pro the next time you go out? Be sure to take those great night shots when you grab your ultimate shine in the night.

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