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Education ministry bans erotic and indecent concerts in schools



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By BigEyeUg Team

It official that there will be no more secular music performances in schools.

This follows the Ministry of Education and Sports circular directing the banning of concerts that have been happening in primary and secondary in the guise of Entertainment and extracurricular activities.

In a letter dated August 1, 2022, the education ministry permanent secretary Dr. Jane Egau Okou addressed to all Head teachers and Principals Government and Private, Secondary and Primary Schools about the findings that several unacceptable and offensive functions involving erotic dances, indecent dress codes, and immoral languages have always been allowed in schools.

The Ministry’s investigations root from the recent viral social media video that portrayed the indecency that is currently tolerated among children in schools.

It emphasizes its position as the custodian of the values and behavior of children in both private and government schools.

The Ministry says extracurricular in schools should be; Games and Sports, Debate clubs, and entertainment which should be strictly through acting plays or arrange concerts.

Dr. Jane Egau Okou asserts that the idea of hiring or inviting singers who; dance erotically, dress indecently, use immoral words, is forbidden hence forth.

The Ministry promises to provide clear guidelines on the nature and conduct of co-curricular activities and entertainment activities to be allowed in schools.

School head teachers and principals are also cautioned to immediately apprehend the Ministry’s directive with immediate effect as their failure would hold them accountable and discipline measures taken against them.

This comes in weeks after Tororo Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Sarah Opendi checked the Ministry of Education and Sports to be concerned about the secular music performances in schools.

This was during one of the Parliamentary sittings where she tabled the motion as a concerned parent and Ugandan citizen about the immoral uprise in among school children.

However, Hon. Sarah Opendi’s idea was trashed by several secular musicians in the country.

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