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Cindy disses Sheebah’s thoughts on “Secular concerts in schools”



By BigEyeUg Team

The “Secular Music performances in schools” topic is still the theme for this season with a wide variety of thoughts shared from the artists, media and public domain.

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) President Cindy Sanyu is among those who are support of Ministry of Education and Sports intervention to regulate concerts in schools, contrary to counterpart Sheebah Karungi.

Appearing in a TV interview, Cindy backed-up Hon. Sarah Opendi’s cry last month to the education ministry to ban secular music concerts where musicians are fond of erotic dances, indecent dresscodes and behaviors in schools.

Cindy says its inappropriate for an artist to expose him/herself while performing for school children in a similar manner he/she does for the adults.

She cites the fact that children are mentally not ready to exhaustively consume the sexuality that artists may serve on stage.

UMA Presidential candidate also asked musicians to be professional, cease their career traumas and develop empathetic parental hearts.

If its performing in bars, concerts, for the old men and women, then its okay. But for children it must be a different story. You can’t expose yourself to a young child because he/she has is not yet mentally to be ready for what you’re feeding them at that time. Let’s be professional and keep our trauma to ourselves,” Cindy Sanyu said.

Cindy also revealed how UMA is obliged to launch awareness campaigns sensitizing musicians on the music performances age group exploitations.

Before we thought it was logical for artists to dress in a special way when performing for children but clearly its not the case in realty. Therefore, its our work as UMA to now inform people by awareness campaigns to let artists know that Infront of children, it’s a sensitive matter,” she added.

This sparks on the wheel when the education ministry has banned such concerts from being held in schools.

The Ministry promises to provide clear guidelines on the nature and conduct of entertainment activities to be allowed in schools.

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