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Douglas Lwanga advises women on s*x tapes



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NBS KatchUp and After 5 presenter, Douglas Lwanga, has shared his thoughts with women who allow their men to record them during sex.

Speaking about the recent issue where Jack Pemba a city tycoon filmed a one Honey Suleman before releasing her s*x tape for all to see, Douglas shared some advice for women regarding s*x tapes.

According to the respected TV presenter who deflated from NTV to join NBS, no matter how much you are deep in love with a man, as a women, you should never allow him to film you during sex as this never ends well.

Douglas said; ‘This is real talk. Thing is Women please try to stay sober even when your deep into that shit. Why should a nigga film you while your having an intimate moment with him as though he Is running a TV show? You have to say no to s*x tapes.’

Suleman Honey is the latest victim of the growing habbit og men sharing their intimate bedroom matters with their women with the world. She makes it to the long list of women that have gone through the same in the past including socialite and TV star Anitah Fabiola, renown musician Desire Luzinda and Princess Komuntale of Tooro among others.

We hope that the ladies take a learning from this. We will keep you posted.

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