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Angella Kalule comments on Jack Pemba’s shortness



By Staff Writer

Musician Angella Kalule of the Kokonyo fame has weighed in on the ongoing Social Media discussion about tycoon Jack Pemba’s short manhood.

The singer who has had her own dark past thanks to leaking of private videos comments positively supporting Jack Pemba for his shortness.

According to Angella Kalule, size of ones manhood doesn’t matter at all. The only time it will matter is when the person either has a very small manhood or a very big one.

“For me as long as someone can use what they have well that is what matters. No matter how small or big, if you know how to make someone satisfied in bed, there shouldn’t be any problem,” she said.

Social Media has been awash with posts and comments about Jack Pemba’s small manhood. This after he released a video with a one Suleman Honey in a private moment that has now become a public affair. In the video, the two are seen enjoying a great time together with Suleman on top of Pemba doing all sorts of things your mother warned you about.

TV star, Douglas Lwanga advised women never to allow themselves to be filmed by a man when they are having sex. He posted this on his twitter saying no relationship is worth the trauma one goes through after private videos are released to the world.


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