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Former Beauty Queen Dorah Mwima: It’s not about the labels when am picking my outfits



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Dorah MwimaBy Gloria Haguma

For this former beauty queen, it’s not about the labels when it comes to picking her outfits. It’s all about what will eventually come off looking nice on her. She shares her style story.

How would you define your style?

On an ordinary basic day, I love looking smart, but casual. I like to dress according to my mood; in the rainy seasons, I mostly wear darker clothes, I have my stockings going on but in hot warm days, I like clothes that are a bit brighter and open. I rarely wear skirts unless maybe I have an official meeting or event. I prefer trousers, skinny jeans, high waist leggings mainly because of my current day schedules but I love long maxi dresses too! I do wear heels alot but I always carry along my flats because sometimes I find myself walking a lot even when I least expect. I am not really a boot person but I do All-stars. (Chuck Taylor shoes)!

How big is your wardrobe?

I keep a neat medium wardrobe because of various reasons. I give out my clothes a lot. I always have a wardrobe change approximately three – four times in a year. I think it’s because I quickly get tired of certain outfits so I tend to get rid of them and get a new look. Another way I have kept my wardrobe medium and neat, if I am really attached to an outfit and don’t want to give it away and yet maybe I have over worn it, then I personally pimp it up into a whole new outfit.

How much space in your wardrobe does your lingerie occupy?

Hmm-mm… I have a special African basket that is not too big, let’s just say medium size. So, yeah, I do have enough lingerie.

Please share your wardrobe must-have?

MUST HAVE: pencil skirt, cocktail dress, comfy flats, right undergarments (e.g. stockings, lingerie), skinny jeans and a blazer.

What are some of your fashion No-No’s?

Oh! I have one that really is a NOOO-NOOO: leggings worn over a long tight top and ankle boots. Any other fashion disaster is bearable to me because not everyone was born with a good sense of fashion.

What do you pay more attention to? Is it the outfit, or the make-up and hair?

That is a tough one but I think it would be the outfit. Because some days I don’t even wear any make-up but I make sure at least my outfit is in check. I believe ones outfit speaks a lot about an individual.

What is your style secret? One  that works for you alone?

My style secret? It will be multi use of my scarfs in very many different ways to complete certain looks. I won’t say how otherwise it will no longer be my secret right?

What are some of the irritating fashion blunders you notice with Kampala men?

That will be the bright colored trousers. Argh!  Totally a turn off. Well, to many it’s trendy and the in-thing but that just does not work for me. If a guy came up to me wearing those trousers I would totally not take him serious. Thank God, I am married to a man who has the same views about them. So am safe!

Which celebrity’s wardrobe would you wish to give a total revamp?     

Hahaha… No, I would never do that. I believe everyone has their own fashion taste and what works for me might not work for someone else. Even though there are few that sometimes I raise an eyebrow on their wardrobe, I would never bring it up or mention their names, because I don’t think they will take it as a humble revamp but as me hating or dissing their wardrobe.

Do you have a fashion addiction?

Aaahh, not really. At the end of the day, I am not such a materialistic person.

Dorah 2

With the ever changing trends in fashion, how easy is it for your wardrobe to catch up with this?

As I said earlier, I do change half or quarter way of my wardrobe 3-4 times in a year. But I am not all about the Gucci and Prada, I would never kill myself over getting the latest trend of anything materialistic. But at the same time when I want something nice and trendy I will go for it.  But it won’t be like “I HAVE to get it or have it in my wardrobe.”

Any fashion tips you would like to share?

My fashion tip will be always carry a safety pin. It always comes in handy. Trust me.

12. Micro mini vs. booty  shorts. Your  pick?

Definitely booty shorts!


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