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Here is How Dizzy Nuts Almost Died.



Dizzy Nuts
Musician Dizzy nuts almost died last week as he was rushed to a clinic in Kireka. 

Last week was not good for him as reports say that he choked on weed and got a mental black out. Sources went on to reveal that he had taken too much weed and forgotten to eat so as to ‘neutralize’ it.

“He kept smoking until he went silent, the only problem is that he didn’t eat enough food,” said a neighbour. 

Dizzy who is also known for his song “Fire Burn Dem” is now bed ridden and receiving medical attention. He also claims that Pallaso and Sheebah plagiarized his song “Mundogo” and has promised to beat them up as soon as he gets well.

Dizzy who also goes by the names Galiwango Stevens was close with Bebe Cool before going solo.

We wish him a quick recovery. 

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