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Determined to conquer: Spice Diana aims continental in “On You” video, brings competition to Africa



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By Reporter

Spice Diana is undoubtedly the most hardworking female artiste in the country. Whether she is the best at the moment can also not be debated, she has for the past two years been on top with her aggressive nature spiced with her favour.

Spice Diana seems to have taken her aggressive nature continental. Just a day after her much talked about over filled concert, Spice Diana has released her “On You” video. The print clear video is not like her usual releases. It is surely aimed at winning a new market.

Shot in Dubai, On You has not found any picture imperfections yet, atleast not from the usual critics.

‘On You’ was produced by Daddy Andre and the video was filmed by VJOJ of First Choice Films.

Watch it here:

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