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Desire Luzinda Opens up on how she protects her daughter from Kampala dudes



By Staff Writer

For fans and friends who know musician Desire Luzinda very well, one thing about her stands out… her love for her daughter Mitchelle Kaddu.

Although at the start the musician who recently released her very last secular music album used to hide the daughter, she later decided to put her in the public domain. From posting her on Social Media to attending events with her, one is quick to notice Desire and Mitchell.

While appearing on NBS Chat Room hosted by Karitas Karisimbi, Desire was posed with a question about how she manages to protect her beautiful daughter from prying eyes of Kampala dudes who are always looking for an opportunity to jump on the next chic despite her innocence.

Desire was quick to answer saying that her relation with her daughter is open, they speak about everything and above all they love each other so much.

“I show her love and we are open about things. You see when you love your child you make them feel special and then they open up more to you. They tell you everything so that you can advise them and point them in the right direction,” she said.

Desire Luzinda and her daughter Mitchell

“People asked me not to put her out there, but she also used to ask me, why I don’t post her pictures. I had a choice to make and I now post her because she is forever part of my life. By loving her, I protect her from everything else.”

Well, there you have it people and as they say, no love is greater than a mothers love so Mitchelle is protected.

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