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Comedians Bizonto use Prince Omar’s ‘Bajikweka’ to hit at Ronald Mayinja



By Reporter

Following the recent Ronald Mayinja deflection to the ruling party NRM from NUP, Bizonto have not let him enjoy his new party. Bizonto through their weekly theme summing up events of the week have hit hard at the singer. Using Prince Omar’s song Bajikweka, they have hit at Mayinja for being one of those that always hid in NUP but were NRM and that it did not take long before his true intentions surfaced.

Bajikweka is Prince Omar’s song that hit at pretenders and back stabbers and Bizonto seem to say Mayinja was that while in NUP.

“Prince Omar was very right, people hide their hearts, pretend to be who they are not yet they have something totally different in their minds and hearts. Mayinja you have really proven that Prince Omar was right to sing about people like you”- Bizonto partially stated.

Watch their latest episode here

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