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Coca-Cola Launches World Cup Under The Crown Promotion



Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager Ms. Miriam Limo addresses guests during the press conference.

Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager Ms. Miriam Limo (C)

Following a successful FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, beverage giant Coca-Cola has launched a new three-month Under The Crown promotion that will see Ugandans get rewarded with exciting prizes by simply consuming a Coca-Cola product.

Dubbed ‘Samba Ne Coca-Cola’, Coca-Cola has partnered with World Cup Official broadcaster Multichoice and Global partner HiSense to bring the World Cup closer to consumers all across Uganda. As part of the promotion, 32-inch Television sets, Multichoice Dishes and Decoders, soccer balls, brand new t-shirts, packs of soda, cash prizes of UGX4,000,000 every week and UGX 10,000,000 every two weeks will be up for grabs by simply purchasing 300ml returnable glass bottles (RGB) or 500ml PET of Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Novida, Krest and Stoney. The participating products will be identifiable by a white crown.

Commenting about the new promotion, Ms. Miriam Limo, the Coca-Cola Brand Manager for Uganda, expressed her gratitude to Ugandans for the support they showed during the two-day FIFA World Cup Trophy visit to Uganda and encouraged them to take part in this “greatly rewarding promotion”.

“This year, we have received overwhelming support from our consumers through the consumption of our products and participation in our campaigns and promotions. We therefore felt it prudent to instantly reward them with exciting prizes and large cash sums for simply continuing to consume our products,” she stated.

Limo cautioned participants not to send any cash, airtime credit or other consideration to receive any of the prizes. “We do not require any payment to reward the lucky consumers. Simply purchase the product of your choice, check under the white crown for the item you have won and redeem the item at one of our redemption points that will be placed across the country,” she added.

To participate in the Samba Ne Coca-Cola promotion, consumers simply have to purchase a Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Novida, Krest or Stoney 300ml glass or 500ml plastic bottle bearing a white crown and check under the crown for their exciting prize. Redemption of prizes will be at identified distribution points all across the country.

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