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Coca-Cola Launches New “Taste the Feeling” Campaign to Maximize Enjoyment of Coca-Cola Beverages



Coca-Cola has launched a new campaign, “Taste the Feeling”, to allow its consumers a continued celebration of their moments with Coca-Cola.

The new campaign celebrates the shared moments between Ugandans with Coca-Cola and brings Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light/Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, and Coca-Cola Life under the iconic Coca-Cola Brand.

Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager; Rodney Nzioka addresses guests during the launch their new global campaign ‘’Taste the Feeling’’ at Nile Village Hotel in Jinja.

Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager Rodney Nzioka addresses guests during the launch of their new campaign ‘’Taste the Feeling’’ at Nile Village Hotel in Jinja.

Coca-Cola Uganda announced the launch of the “Taste the Feeling” campaign at Nile Village Hotel in Jinja, 2016 in the presence of influencers and guests from the entertainment sector.

“We know Ugandans have that unique moment they have when drinking ice cold Coca-Cola during holidays, birthdays, when eating a burger, hanging out with family and friends. This are all moments that have and evoke personal feelings of happiness and sharing and that is exactly what the “Taste the Feeling” campaign is all about –Ugandans and their special relationship with Coca-Cola,” said Rodney Nzioka, Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Uganda.

As the “Taste the Feeling” campaign rolls out Coca-Cola will conduct different activations on the perfect serve of Coca-Cola, served at 3 degree centigrade, to allow Ugandans to continue to taste and enjoy their special moments to the maximum.

“There is nothing quite like the taste of an ice-cold Coca-Cola”, said Nzioka. “The campaign creative was designed to celebrate the notion that the simple pleasure of drinking an ice cold Coca-Cola makes any moment more special. The universal moments and storytelling depicted in the campaign were created to resonate with our consumers globally,” he concluded.

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