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Chamili congratulates Spice Daina upon receiving YouTube award



By Staff Writer

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Singer Jose Chameleone is one who always does whatever is within his power to help those in the music industry. In the same spirit, he celebrates those who always make it especially the artistes that found him there.

Today, the Leone island boss twitted a photo with singer Spice Diana expressing how proud he is of her and the work she has put in her career. In the tweet, he congratulated her upon winning a YouTube award recently.

Chameleon has always supported and encouraged the sensational star. This is why it gave him great joy when Spice received a silver award from YouTube, after hitting 100k subscriptions. Chameleone also received the same award back in Feb this year when he hit 100,000 subscribers.

Chameleone thrills fans at the Highball tour in Masaka.

The 32 hit singer last week on Friday scooped three awards from the prestigious Zzina Awards show which included female artist of the year award. Spice Diana’s online engagement has continued to grow because of the energy she depicts at concerts and shows, which has increased her fan base a lot. It also doesn’t go unnoticed that she is in good terms with most musicians which is not easy to pull off in the Ugandan music industry.

At the Zzina awards, when asked about her relationship with her manager Roger, and whether they would consider dating, she said that theirs is a purely working arrangement, but no one knows how things can turn out in future.

Congrats Spice, and well done to Chamili for supporting his own openly unlike some musicians that hate on each other.

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