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Chameleone attacks DJ with a wine glass at Club Venom.




By Isaac Mites

Gossip circulating around the corridors reveals that there was drama recently at Club Venom when a bitter Chameleone attacked a Club Venom DJ identified as Roja for playing lousy music while the music doctor was in the house and refusing to play his current music.

It is said that it all started when a one producer Kays who was in company of Leone Island CEO Jose Chameleone attacked Dj Roja on the turn tables and demanded him to play Chameleone’s songs constantly.

After a couple of songs played, Chameleone himself demanded Roja to play Wale Wale which they had played minutes back and the DJ turned down Chameleone’s request. Chameleone in turn grabbed the microphone on the club stage and insulted the DJ in front of everyone. The DJ feeling embarrassed and humiliated walked off the turn tables of course not without throwing back a word or two.  His responses triggered Chameleone’s temper who ended up throwing a wine glass at him but luckily the DJ survived with no injuries as he took off.

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