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Capital for Industries in Africa through the Black Wall Street- by Charles N. Lambert



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By Reporter

The greatest lie on the face of the earth today is that Africa needs Aid from anyone. The concept of development partners being those who bring capital for development concerns to Africa is a lie whose proportion is detrimental to progress. Africa has practically halted any serious wave of push towards industrialization of the continent and the massive job creation it would bring for our growing youth population. Those two lies mentioned above have been the Achilles heel to the industrialization, development and prosperity of the African continent. As Bob Marley said” Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves shall free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy cause none of them can stop the TIME”.

It is TIME for Africa to break the mental chains of believing that we need the world to bring us some sort of program or policy adjustment or increase in AID to understand that we must organize to industrialize and we must organize to industrialize NOW. We are primarily a youth population, we have the highest unemployment in the world, we have the slowest pace of rural development, worst quality of living, and lowest access to basic amenities. We MUST look inwards to alternative solutions and do away with the programmed statuesque mindset that Bob Marley of many decades ago foretold and warned.

Black Wall Street Capital Recipients aka Crowd Funding Partners project submission and follow up section.

Only 1% access of the annual 2 Trillion dollars purchase power of Africa and the 2 Trillion dollars African American purchase power combined is more than enough money to build hundreds of new multi million dollars factories every single month of the year in Africa and endlessly fuel an unending wave of new industries season after season in Africa.

The Black Wall Street is the engine of capital generation for the industrialization of the African continent and leverages on the impulsive, addictive and tasteful desire to consume all sorts of products by Africans, to generate capital for funding of job creating commercial undertakings in Africa with a minimum of $1,000,000 million dollars and maximum of $50 million dollars without ANY COLLATERAL.

We have the unrivalled ability to generate millions of dollars from countless avenues for our passionate commitment to industrialization of the African continent. Our “TV Tax” program is designed to fund 10 industries with a minimum of $1 million dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY from August 2020.

M7 Agriculture Bank project gives us the unique ability to work with over 50 million farmers in Africa and leverage on people’s desire to eat to ensure their buying decisions are patriotic to the continent providing over $3 billion dollars every month for project funding in Africa. Our Forgotten Places machinery sucks out the billions of dollars from game enthusiasts to bring much needed rural development to villages and slums across Africa.

Black Wall Street Capital Seeker or CF Partner page showing account balance and menus.

With an Artificial Intelligence based system, our Influence Triangle of 18.6 million people in three distinct professions is the largest and most effective revenue collection structure ever designed by any entity in the world. This means that our capacity to generate capital for funding of projects far outweighs any bank or financial institution in Africa and our terms for capital presents the lowest for African projects than any entity anywhere in the world.

M7 Agriculture Bank Mobile App with capacity to commercialized farming practise for tens of millions of farmers through Artificial Intelligence driven Agriculture Extension Workers across Africa.

We are primarily interested in entrepreneurs and communities with large scale projects in manufacturing, production, construction, and rural development with emphasis on number of jobs created. You will only need to open a Crowd Funding Partner account through the Black Wall Street “Hook” for your jurisdiction anywhere in Africa and every other information and communication will be given to you through this account from submission of business plan to funding requirements, terms, funding dates, special programs, testimonials, withdrawals and more.

All Black Wall Street funded projects provide a minimum of 20% equity in the commercial returns of the project for BWS risk-free investors. Funding averages a total of 90 business days from your corporate account activation on the BWS Platform. Consulting services provided for high growth industries. Technical Transfer program covering more than 100 sectors is available with partners from Europe, Asia and North America. Industry lobby services included for all funding above $5 million dollars.

Queries to contact@developmentchannel.tv

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