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Bryan White bitter with BBS TV Presenter Dikteta Mark, advises Media to stick to ethics



Self made money bag Brian Kirumira also known as Bryan White is not a happy man, atleast not with media. A bitter Bryan white took it to his Facebook page through a live Facebook feed where he expressed his disappointment with a one BBS presenter Dikteta Mark. According to Bryan White the presenter has been spreading rumor that Bryan has put his cars on sale because he has run broke. “Diktatela Mark has on his show been telling his audience that I sold my cars because I am broke. Well, I did not sell any of my cars and also I am not broke. If I am broke who have I asked to lend me any of their money? Who did I promise to keep money for?” a bitter Bryan White rapped.

Bryan White also advised media to stick to ethics and always investigate before concluding. “If you need to find out about something you can always reach out to me, media should be more serious” he concluded.

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