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Black Market records add new talents to label



Black Market records continues to strength and capture grip in the Ugandan music industry. We have learnt that the label after dealing with Daddy Andre has added new potential talents to label who they will be managing henceforth.

Black Market label last month signed Junior Gentle and KVan who they will produce and manage music for.

Black Market label seeks to invade and shine in Uganda. Who are these two artistes.


Junior Gentle grew up in Mbarara city, he is Ugandan by birth. His real name is (Simon Kasoke). He grew up in a Godly home with his father as a church pastor, this environment was serene for his musical desire as he was part of church activities like playing guitar, piano and being part of the church choir. He listened to gospel music, soul and RnB.Junior Gentle started music professionally in 2017 after passing a singing competition around his village. His first audio recording was in 2017 in a song called “ In Plan” a RnB song. He does RnB and Afro Dancehall, but he can also rap, his musical touch is versatile. (2018) he recorded his second audio and first video in a song called “Oruchima”, it was his first afro dancehall hit. He later went to Kampala to look for Daddy Andre a popular producer, writer and music artist where he recorded his third track with him “Ya Gooder” (2018). He was signed into a music label “Black Market Records “with” its headquarters at Sacramento USA. Junior feels that with this contract he is going to make his name an icon in the whole of Africa and beyond.

Junior faced challenges like promotion and marketing. His bigger other challenge was that people listen differently, so being rejected or denied chances to perform was his big challenge.

He listened to artists like Chris Brown and Kid Ink a lot. However he looks up to CB and Jacob Latimore more for inspiration because he has a little touch of acting in him.


Khabuya Vanessa Marion, born in Uganda Jinja is a dancehall artist known by her stage name, KVAN. Kvan refers to herself as the “Goodest girl around town” because she believes in her own originality, uniqueness and simplicity. The dancehall artist is of Bugisu origin. Kvan went to school in Kampala. Kvan kept her desire to do music a secret from her parents because they were not so musically informed. She feared for them rejecting her plans. She writes her lyrics too.Kvan started music as early as 8 years of age. She used to write musical pieces and even form groups. (2013-2014) she made appearances to different studios, (2016-2017) she made another attempt to the studios. (2017) she recorded her single debut (Show Dem) which basically stressed on everyone else like her with a dream as big as hers to come out and show the world their worth. (Back off) basically was for attracting positive energy only by telling those who don’t believe to walk away. (Tabaaza) is a ballad love song. (Sugar Daddy) this came in at a time when she was in her first year in the university, it was inspired by how she saw girls go down for money through sex from old rich men. Kvan has made collaborations with artists like, Dj Fikie.

Kvan was consequently disregarded for her distinct style of music. Producers told her she was a male voice wannabe. Kvan had it rough for the studio moment because she was young and couldn’t converse that well with full grown producers. She would come to the studio early but still her chances were given to artists that were considered prominent. Sometimes she was made to write pieces for people she find at the studio or even be a vixen before her music was recorded. She did not have finances to support her studio sessions.(2019) she was signed into a music label, Black Market Records, this was a breather as it meant all her expenses on music production would be catered for.

Kvan finds her musical inspiration from things that happen around her, and most importantly nature. Kvan does not look up to any musical icon for inspiration. However, she used to listen to artists like, Beenie Man, Missy Eliot, Shabba Ranx, Maxi Priest, Plies, Shaggy and Sean Paul. Besides music Kvan is a painter, basketball player, soccer, piano and makes beats too. Kvan is currently working on her debut album.

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