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Big Brother Africa: Hakeem and Cleo’s bedroom shenanigans



hakeemWhile the rest of the Housemates continued to spend the evening outside guarding the ‘Book of Tales’ for theirCamp Task, Hakeem and Cleo chose to retreat to the bedroom to snuggle up under the covers.

The two spent the night giggling, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes and whispering sweet nothings to each other. It looks like the cold weather has the Zimbabwean ready to steam things up after all he is a red blooded man. As they lay in bed snuggled Hakeem looked to be slyly trying to coax his girl into taking her top off. “You are hot. It is burning up. I am not saying take off your top but the top you are wearing is like a blanket. It is hot in here,” he said laughing.

His modest woman merely giggled at his comment and rolled over in bed to snuggle up closer to him. Hakeem did not seem to mind as he lovingly put his arm around his lady and the two got ready to sleep.

How cute are these two together though? It is clear that Cleo’s move to the Diamond House has been a blessing for both. Hopefully it will stay that way.


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